Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Orthodontic Product Development
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  Bandhorn™ Tissue Retractor
Bandhorn™ Tissue Retractor
Bonding Pads
Wire Markers

Easy banding of difficult second molars.

  • Comfortably retracts tissues from occlusal surfaces of teeth to allow access for banding
  • The narrow extension of the instrument fits into the central groove of the molar and allows
    for tissue retraction distally. Once the distal marginal ridge is reached, the larger portion
    slides gingivally into the sulcus while retracting any tissue remaining on the marginal ridge.
  • Earlier banding of erupting second molars allows for earlier treatment completion
  • Smooth, rounded edges for maximum patient comfort and safety
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Also useful when applying sealants.
Product Information

Product constructed of an FDA compliant, fully autoclavable plastic. (Product is not designed for
dry heat sterilization.) Product is packaged 100 units per bag.

Use like a shoehorn to turn this...

...into this for easy banding.

U.S. Patent # 6,994,548
Bandhorn™ is a trademark of Orthogap, Inc.


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